Borrowed Time shall be returning to the Arcane Thinke Tanke to assess what needs to be done and create more to be had! Our next shows will be in April 2014, the album along with other items exclusive only to THIS site are now available; in Metal we burn.


Borrowed Time's self-titled debut will be issued within the Fall equinox by High Roller, meanwhile we have some upcoming gigs in Chicago with ZuuL and Dawnbringer; following that we'll be pillaging Metro Detroit in support for Raven!


Our debut album has been completed. More to come...


KEEP IT TRUE was amazing THANK YOU ALL! Our album is almost done, next is RAGNAROKKR at Reggies Chicago May 3rd and 4th!! Tonight we revel!


Borrowed Time has awoken from the Witch House dreams, refreshed and rejuvenated for a welcoming Spring. Heavy thanks to Dennis Dread (you are a true king ov T.C.B.), Ed "Nameless Void," Viv, Annu and Tooth of Occultation, Greg and Danava, Dan and Old Skin (killer crash space, killer vibes!), Mat, Liz and Ray of Castle, Dispirit, Layla and Ionophore, Chris Hatewar, Insecticide and Demon Lung! Our second tour couldn't have gone better, and thanks to all who came to the shows! See you in GERMANY on April 17th and 19th!!!!


I know it has been a while since we updated on this, but our debut record is almost finished. As in close to being 100% done and in post-production. Certain unfortunate circumstances out of our control have extended it's production, but for the most part, we've been hard at work in the studio for the past 6 months!!

Matt Preston's leads and compositions are elegant and furious, Victor's riffs rage like fire. JP hovers over like a wild spectre while Mark Kuro brings the Detroit Rock Bass and Sam Ceckowski throws a tantrum on the skins. In a word, FRENZIED. Borrowed Time has been MAD in the grip of Winter, and our mix will be finished before too far into Spring. Thank you ALL for your support, we INTEND on performing for anyone who cares and understands our mission (check out our upcoming gigs if you want to know); The Underground Resistance Witches ON!


Well, sometimes on the road of kings, unforeseen events can strike. Due to a death in the family, Victor is needed by the side of his family and loved ones in Spain and Stateside. He will not be able to accompany us on the "Dreams in the Witch House" tour with our brothers and sisters in Occultation. Those of you who will miss his grinning mug and madman antics know that we will too!

Of course, we do not give up, and with Victor's blessing we will be on the road next week as a 4 piece! We're rehearsing a special set full of new material and other surprises. We are just as stoked and will do Victor proud at all 8 shows!


Demos for the album are nearing completion, and the final recording dates are being set for the end of January. Sam of Demon Bitch 's drumming is the strongest percussive force to grace a Borrowed Time recording yet. Mark Kuro of Anguish is supplying the Detroit Rock Bass and thus the fellowship is complete. Slated to come out on High Roller Records, our debut album:

1. Wallow in the Mire!
2. Dark Hearted and Heavy Chained
3. Libertine
4. The Thaumaturgist
5. Dawn for the Glory Rider
6. Of Nymph and Nihil...
7. Pygmalion
8. Transcendental Knavery
9. A Titan 's Chain

Victor Ruiz - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Matt Preston - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
J. Priest - Lead and Background Vocals
Mark Kuro - Bass Guitar
Sam Ceckowski - Drums

Recording Update:

Recording with Sam Ceckowski of Demon Bitch is progressing smoothly. The vibe of working with Elm Street Recording is always productive and rewarding, spirits are high. Our next show announcements will arrive in the weeks to come, we thank you for your heavy metal ears!

Full Length LP & New 7 inch on High Roller Records:

Work on the full length album is progressing steadily and comfortably and we have some other surprises up our sleeves (to be revealed...)! Sam of the caustic Demon Bitch will be gracing the LP with his drum talents, while our upcoming shows will feature Dylan Bond of grind masters Oily Menace pounding the skins! In a week we will be playing with Accept on Monday, October 8th at Blondie's Detroit! It's been a while since we played Motor City, the ritual is rehearsed and the new minister has been ordained. Our 7 inch split with Wytch Hazel has been released on High Roller records, we have copies available as well as Black Olympia shirts on the merch page!

Oh Canada...:

The great Canada raid went splendidly! A million thanks to Carolina Vanegas (For making this happen!), Adrian Keen, Jean-Marcel Casey and Paul Pervertis of DEMONTAGE (for also making this happen!), Annick Giroux, V and Ed of OCCULTATION, CAUCHEMAR, METALIAN (who wrote the greatest song in world history about a specific food item), Tooth Log, Kevin Nunes, Susanna "Moshgirl Puncher" Kapostasy, Jenni fer "Toast of the Navigator" McClarty, BLACK thrashin' MOOR, Mila and the boys of TIGERSTAR, the cop that stopped JP to let him know which Quebec laws were specifically broken before going splitsville, Steph, Jess, V.U.K. (THIS IS CROATIAN), Eddie, Power Metal Martin, Natesh, Kimpaler, the two Indian brothers who own the pizza joint across from Hard Luck Bar on Dundas (That shit is rite!), the inventor of Poutine, the inventor of Ketchup flavoured chips, the guy who sold us the ADX record, the super cool staff of both The Hard Luck and the mighty Katacombes!